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young woman using play attention armband

ADHD Treatments

Play Attention Program

Play attention is a comprehensive training program that enriches brain function and operation using valid tools developed by neuroscientists, students, patients, clinical research, and data collection by outside vendors. At Coastal Ridge, we provide a personalized Play Attention program for each patient. By presenting games that promote attention and mental skills, improve behavior, and more, the benefits of using this program is as follows:

  • Helps reduce negative behaviors
  • Increases task and timely homework completion
  • Enhances the ability to filter out distractions
  • Improves memory to develop the knack of handling multi-step instructions and to find things needed for daily life such as keys and other items

Patient Counseling & Therapy

We provide a full individual consultation, a pre and post assessment, neurocognitive training, and family education and consultation services. Follow up visits may be conducted via Telemedicine portal or in the office based on patient preferences.


Both medication management and non-pharmalogical treatment options are offered for ADHD and associated diagnosis.

We also provide the option of genetic testing to reduce time in finding medication that is compatible with the patient’s genetic make up. The test is generally used when a patient has ADHD and at least one medication failure. For more information please visit

Educational Supports, Parent Training, and Education Regarding ADHD

Ask us about assisting with Individualized Education Plans and 504 plans for students of all ages. We also offer meeting with family, employers, teachers and other pertinent team members of the patient as requested.